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About Us

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Whatsup By Chazbiz is an instant messaging app providing a secure and private communication platform. The first one to be built by British professionals making its official origin “British”

Meet our Team

National and International

Co- Founder- Whatsup by Chazbiz Finance/Marketing- Interim Director

Muhammad Seedat

Assosciate Director - U.K

Warwick Lobb

Assosciate Director - U.K

Chris Carter

Chief developer (CEO- Quarter Pi)

Umar Rehman

Marketing Cordinator and Graphic Designer

Farhan Hashim Kotwal

Security consultant

Simon Selby

Whitelabel Programme Manager

Vacant Position


Why Whatsup by Chazbiz?

A bespoke App to join businesses and people together. A platform where there is benefit for all. A Platform  where we can all join as One but You have the control in your hands. 

Bespoke Marketing features for Businesses. You will benefit from our support features to help address issues or improvements to our service.

Should you have any suggestions or ideas please contact us via email or use our contact us page

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What makes us different from other IM apps?

One of the things that makes us unique is that Whatsup by Chazbiz does not work of  the typical number registration, instead it uses more personalised security signup process like email/username and password with further plans of 2FA. We also provide longer status update duration. Business package gives almost double the standard limits.

Other features which started exclusively with Whatsup by Chazbiz since 2021 beta launch include, archived chats remain archived, browse to gallery for status updates rather then just recent items, Group admin can delete messages posted on group. We have also added ” Ask Me Anything” feature powered by Chat GPT AI, exclusive to “Whatsup by Chazbiz” as we remain the only Instant Messaging app in the world to have this feature as of 9/02/2023

Group Admin can set a time for a group to open & close, set individual roles for all members ranging from admin, viewer and user. V
oice notes can now be also used for status updates .

Whatsup by Chazbiz are also working on other unique security and privacy options, giving you total control of your communication journey

We offer our application for the wider public to use for personal and business, however our core mission is to provide to B2B for them to bring internal communication in house through their own white label solutions available to all internal staff for secure communication, we have a dedicated white label section which details what we can offer to your business as communication and security is everything for corporate and business enviroment. 

Security and Privacy of your account

This will stop people being openly discovered and for another Whatsup by Chazbiz user to contact you, they will require your private username and also you are in control of your security by getting option to allow or reject the contact who wants to add you.

We have also recently added further security enhancement which is be default hyperlinks are disabled.

We take security very seriously on our platform and so our users on their own accord  can enable/disable hyperlinks to avoid device security compromise as majority of malware and spyware can be done via links being circulated, whilst we don’t operate an open platform and users who communicate is who you know only, links can sometimes be sent in error, so by default this being disabled can avoid accidental clicks, however Whatsup by Chazbiz cannot take responsibility if you choose to enable hyperlinks, however we do recommend a good anti virus device security software which can also scan links.

Currently these are our unique features which makes us unique and the application is totally free, we will be providing a premium bespoke app with constant improvements and working on public feedback as well as working on a affordable business package.